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    Option Anglophone Tourism and Leisure

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    The program is designed to blend academic and professional trainings fostering the students’ business skills and knowledge of the tourism industry. The goal of the program is also to give a more specific outlook on the elements that support France’s position as a world tourist destination by including French culture, gastronomy and wine studies among the teachings, as well as a focus on the Unesco World Heritage of the Loire Valley.

    — Academic and industry-oriented training in tourism.
    — Three main fields of study : tourism, culture and business.
    — Fully English-taught.


    Giving insight into the main aspects of tourism and Tourism in France. Also involves an introduction to the main aspect of French culture and heritage aimed at an international audience.

    Public cible

    International audience.

    Passerelles et ré-orientation

    — Involves a number of group projects.
    — Levels groups for French language classes.


    Conditions d'accès

    To be able to apply students must have passed the first two years of a Bachelor ( = 120 credits) in a field related to tourism. Students coming from non English-speaking countries must provide English certification score (Toeic: 750, Toefl: 79)


    Organisation de la formation

    SEMESTER 5: Internship


    UEF 1 Language and communication: French Culture - French language

    UEF 2 Business studies: Tourism and the European Union - Commercial Negotiation - Consumer behaviour – Tourism In Developing Countries - Tourism outlooks

    UEF 3 Tourism Studies: Getting to know a tourism destination - History of Tourism in Europe - Tourism and transports - Sports and Tourism - Tourism Management education and training - Regional Tourism

    UEF 4 Heritage Studies: The Loire Valley castles - Food Culture Management - Marketing wine and wine tourism - Tourism Destinations


    Et après

    Poursuite d'études

    Possibility to pursue studies at ESTHUA with an English-taught Master.



    Tél. : 02 44 68 81 00 - 7 allée F. Mitterrand - BP 40455 - 49004 Angers Cedex 01 - Fax : 02 44 68 81 01
    scolarite.esthua @