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    Parcours Anglophone international hospitality management

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    Are you eager to upgrade your knowledge and professional skills in hospitality management? Join this programme focused on international hospitality management, offering a comprehensive view of the hospitality industry and preparing you for a management career in an international environment. The hospitality industry is focusing on people, empathy and service-minded attitudes. Your job will be to make sure everything runs smoothly, regardless of whether you are managing a hotel, organizing an event or managing a team project. It will never be the same activities from one day to the next.

    A multi-disciplinary approach: Management (marketing, human resources, finance…), business Law, geography, languages and culture are integrated in a balanced programme to give you the opportunity to learn how to manage successful hospitality businesses.

    An international qualification: This qualification is designed to meet the growing demand from the hospitality industry through a programme with an international scope. It is fully taught in English in cooperation with our international academic and industry partners. Teaching and learning methods are designed to address issues with an international focus attracting students from around the world.


    — To develop managerial competencies and critical thinking through problem identification, personal thinking, rigorous research methods and decision making processes.
    — To be trained to join, supervise, lead an international team and work internationally by dealing with different cultures on an every-day basis, and learn how to manage intercultural situations.
    — To understand the major issues faced by hospitality organizations, in relation with their environment and to be able to implement efficient policies.

    Public cible

    A Bachelor’s Degree is required (it can be in Tourism Management, Hotel Management, Social Sciences, Management, Economics or Languages). Students must download and fill in the application file available on the University website. In this file, applicants must precise if they want to choose the double degree track or the classic track, with or without an outgoing mobility during the second semester (see the section “To note” at the end of this document).

    Applicants will then be invited for a face-to-face interview. Students are shortlisted for the double degree track and for an outgoing mobility as part of the classic track but please note that the number of places is limited. For the double degree track, recruited applicants will have to enroll in our partner University (Nicolaus Copernicus University, Torun, Poland) before end of May. Tuition fees are waived in the partner Universities. Language requirement: minimum
    level of 750 (TOEIC) or 70-80 (TOEFL) or equivalent. The recruitment process takes place every year from March.


    Conditions d'accès

    CANDIDATURE : en savoir +

    Droits de scolarité :
    2017-2018 :


    - étudiant non boursier : 476,10 €
    - étudiant boursier : 5,10 €

    FORMATION CONTINUE : nous contacter (scolarite.esthua @


    Organisation de la formation

    UEF1 Languages

    English for Tourism - Second language (to choose between: French, German, Spanish...): large choice of languages available, at different levels)
    UEF2 Fundamentals of Management
    Strategic management for hospitality businesses - Organizational behavior - Project management - Intercultural management
    UEF3 Hospitality Industry Environment
    Trends and issues in global tourism - Tourism in the European Union - Transportation issues - International business law
    UEF 4 Research project
    Applied research project - Writing skills for research
    UP1 Employee & Customers interactions
    International HRM - Front office management - Interpersonal communication

    UP2 Business, Finance & Marketing

    Business plan for hospitality - Hospitality financial management - Marketing for hospitality
    US1 Quality, Security, Environment
    Quality service management in hospitality - Hotel security & safety management - Corporate social and environmental responsibility
    UP3 Internship
    4 months (from April)

    UEF 5 Languages
    English for Tourism - Second language (to choose between: French, German, Spanish...): large choice of languages available, at different levels)
    UEF6 Fundamentals of Management
    Yield management - Hospitality technology and innovation management - International team management - E & M hospitality
    UEF7 Hospitality Industry Environment
    Asian markets - American markets - Russian and Eastern European Markets - Middle Eastern Markets
    UEF 8 Research project
    Applied research project - Writing skills for research
    UP4 Hospitality world
    Food services - Theme parks, casinos and cruises - Hotels

    UP5 Meetings, Incentive, Convention & Events
    Event management system and evolution of destinations - General public events management - corporate events management
    US2 Luxury Management
    Introduction to luxury hospitality - Luxury marketing and branding strategy - Customer relationship management and luxury
    UP 6 Internship
    5 to 6 months (from April)

    Aménagements particuliers

    Ce master n'est pas concerné par le choix des Unités de Spécialisations.

    Et après

    Poursuite d'études

    For students interested in research, this programme offers the possibility to apply for a PhD in Management or in Geography, depending on their backgrounds.

    Insertion professionnelle

    This Master’s programme leads to senior level positions in the international hospitality industry across a range of organizations and sectors – from international hotels and restaurants to events companies, cruise ships, airports, casinos, thalassotherapy centres, theme parks…: Front office supervisor, Housekeeping supervisor, Guest services manager, Director of hotel operations, Catering manager, Restaurant manager, F&B manager, Events manager, Executive conference manager, Public relations coordinator, Sales manager, Marketing director, Revenue manager, HRM manager, Communication manager…


    Responsables de la formation

    Peyrat-Guillard Dominique
    dominique.peyrat-guillard @

    Bonneau Marie-Christine
    marie-christine.bonneau @


    Tél. : 02 44 68 81 00 - 7 allée F. Mitterrand - BP 40455 - 49004 Angers Cedex 01 - Fax : 02 44 68 81 01
    scolarite.esthua @