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Nanomedicines and pharmaceutical R&D

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    Faculté de santé


Plaquette Master Nanomedicines and pharmaceutical R&D

To become a stakeholder in the development of tomorrow’s medicines, the Nanomedicines and Pharmaceutical R&D master’s degree offers a scientific and methodological approach to pharmaceutical development and innovation for complex experimental drug products.

The skills acquired by the students are taught by a cross-disciplinary team including professors and researchers from the Faculty of Health (Pharmacy School) and Engineering  School of the University of Angers, as well as researchers and professionals from the pharmaceutical industry.

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Train managers and researchers in the pharmaceutical industry to develop complex experimental drug products, such as nanomedicines, in a translational research environment.

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International training programme
All classes are in English
Cross-disciplinary team    
Distinguished faculty and experts drawn from academia and the pharmaceutical industry
Case studies and role-playing
Scientific and career-oriented project assignment
Personalised support

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Access conditions

On file and interview :  on the application e-candidat

Application form from February 27 to May 5, 2023

 International students:

You live in a country CEF (Campus France): candidature Campus France + e-candidat en parallèle

To apply to the master you have to apply via campus France then on the website e-candidat


 You live in a country outside CEF: e-candidat

 You already live in France (valid long stay visa ) : e-candidat

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- Students who hold a one-year Master’s degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences, Chemistry, Physics or Biology
- Students who have successfully completed their 5th year Pharmacy studies
- Students who hold an engineering degree (chemistry or physics/biology interface)
- Healthcare professionals (medicine, pharmacy, dentistry, veterinary medicine)térinaire)

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Informations candidature et tarifs

And after

Further studies

This Master’s degree may lead to a PhD (3-year research programme) within a company through a CIFRE (Convention Industrielle de Formation par la Recherche) or in an academic environment. It can also provide direct access to R&D jobs in health product companies.

    • Fields
    Pharmaceutical industry, biotechnology, dermocosmetics,
    health products

    • Jobs
    R&D formulation project managers
    Science and technology monitoring managers
    Research and technology transfer managers
    Professors and Researchers

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