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UE1 - Stage ou alternance

  • ECTS

    30 crédits

  • Composante

    Faculté des sciences


The internships of Master 1 then of professional integration of Master 2 did not have the same expectations. The first is intended as an internship to discover the professional environment while the second corresponds to a specialization and to a pre-professionalization (towards research or industry). They are all validated not only from an internship thesis accompanied by an oral defense in front of a jury but also by the evaluation of the supervisor.

In Master 2, a professional integration internship of at least 20 weeks, a real springboard to employment or a thesis, is to be completed during semester 4. This internship is carried out either in a research laboratory or in a company. In the first case, it preferably takes place in one of the specialty’s reception laboratories. It can also be carried out abroad, for example in an academic laboratory partner of a host laboratory, after mutual agreement. In the case of internships in companies, the place and subject of the internship, which is sought by the student, are previously validated by the persons responsible for the Master. These internships are assessed on the basis of a written report, the oral defense of the work and a note from the internship director. The evaluation jury is made up of a university tutor, a university rapporteur and the person responsible for the day-to-day follow-up of the intern in the host structure (company or university).

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