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Ingénierie moléculaire des systèmes pi-conjugués

  • ECTS

    3 crédits

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    Faculté des sciences



This teaching block is dedicated to the main families of pi-conjugated systems used in organic electronics and photonics. The synthesis and functionalization of photo- and electroactive organic architectures will be discussed. A particular attention will be paid to the impact of functionalization over physico-chemical properties. In a pluridisciplinar manner, this unit will also raise awareness to the basic concepts of green chemistry and the interest of non-noble metals in synthesis.

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Heures d'enseignement

  • CM - Ingénierie moléculaire des systèmes pi-conjuguésCours magistral24h
  • TD - Ingénierie moléculaire des systèmes pi-conjuguésTravaux dirigés16h

Pré-requis obligatoires

─ Understand the reactivity of organometallic catalysts an their interest in molecular and macromolecular synthesis (C-C, C-heteroatom bond formation, direct arylations, metathesis).
─ Handle the main synthetic methods to prepare pi-conjugated systems (heterocy-clic chemistry, organometallic coupling reactions, polymerization strategies, cycload-ditions).
─ Design the retrosynthesis of a given pi-conjugated system by taking into account the concepts of green chemistry.
─ Understand the main principles of molecular engineering (polarity vs polarizability, extension and functionalisation of conjugated systems, dyes, pigments,...).
─ Comprehend the methods developed to fine-tune the levels of frontier orbitals and the band gap of molecular materials for organic electronics and photonics.
─ Use spectroscopic or electrochemical measurements to study a conjugated system and evaluate its potential in organic electronics.
- Know the main classes of molecular and macromolecular systems reported in the literature and their respective synthesis
- Differente nanocarbons and proposing well-suited functionalization strategies

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