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Techniques de spectroscopies et microscopies

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> X and electron microscopy sciences
─ Spectroscopies with electron microscopes : EELS et EDX
─ Spectroscopy of X absorption in synchrotron : XANES et EXAFS
─ Electron spectroscopy for surface characterization: XPS

> Near-field Microscopies
─ AFM : contact mode (c-AFM), non-contact (nc-AFM), intermittent contact (t-AFM), lateral forces (lf-AFM), spécific interactions, force spectroscopy.
─ SNOM: Optical near-field, operating principle, type of set-up, experimental set-up
─ STM: topographic mode (I-V constant or constant tip-sample distance) and tunnel-effect spectroscopy (STS).

> Raman Spectroscopy
─ Relation of molecular-structures - macroscopic phenomena (physical origin of the refractive index, absorption, diffusion).
─ Application of Raman spectroscopy in microscopy.
─ Main sources of light (white source, LED, Laser diode) : materials and temporal and spectral characteristics.
─ Principles of Raman and Resonance Raman spectroscopy.
─ Extension on non-linear spectroscopy (second harmonic generation, emission with biphotonic absorption).

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The objective of this module is first to complete the knowledge of the student on the microscopy techniques already approached in M1. Advanced microscopy techniques such as X microscopy (STXM, tomography), and near field microscopy (AFM, STM, SNOM) in the aim to acquire informations (dimensions, shape, composition, structu-ring) at the nanometric scale will be discussed without going deeply into the physics of these techniques, but simply as characterization tools for a student chemist. The goal is to answer the question: What is the useful technique to get important informations to know?
With the same objective, Raman spectroscopy will be described as a tool for characterizations and applications.

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Heures d'enseignement

  • CM - Techniques de spectroscopies et microscopies Cours magistral12h

Pré-requis obligatoires

─ Be able to explain the fundamental differences between spectroscopic methods pre-sented for the characterization of materials (XPS, XANES, EDX, EELS).
─ Know how to choose the best characterization technique based on the sample concerned.
─ Know how to choose which microscopies for the best characterization of materials and surfaces.
─ Be able to use and interpret imaging results obtained with near-field microscopies.
─ Be able to understand the relevance of scientific articles based on spectroscopic studies and near-field characterization of materials.

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